Yetiswap Weekly Recap:

Yetiswap team attended Avalanche Hacks, Istanbul, 3rd-5th December.

What did our team get up to ?🧐👇🏻

Well along with offering advice and mentorship to up & coming blockchain developers, networking and sharing ideas with our peers we:

▪️Conducted a workshop aimed at serverless DAPPs. This included methods to write solidity smart contracts and how to make the UI easily accessible.

▪️Worked on how you can publish the above on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) without any servers and publish your DAPP in a totally decentralized system.

A thoroughly productive time all round and see you next time Avalabs! 🔺 ❄️

NFT staking is launched!

Click here to read more

Roco x Avax farming pool on YetiSwap:

The roco-avax farm is live with up to 81% APR/yr click here to stake:

Strategic partnership with Penguin Finance:

Click here to read more

Other news:

20m $YTS is currently staked (+7%) we are bullish for an Avalanche! 🔥 ⛄️

Once again, thanks to all our Yeti Gang for your contributions to the platform and community. 🙂 💙

Seasons greetings,

The Yeti Swap Team 🎅🏻🌲 🎁




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