Snowman ++ AMA Recap

5 min readFeb 6, 2022


Snowman AMA Recap

Date: 28 January 2022
Guest: Snowman ++(Avalanche) |@bugyybugy(Project leader)
Host: Mert Bilgin (Yeti Swap CM)
Venue: Yeti Swap Global TG
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This recap has been lightly edited for length.

Mert: Hi everyone and welcome to our AMA event with Avax Snowman.

@bugyybugy is joining us today on behalf of Avax Snowman ! Welcome Bugy, how are you today ?

Bugy: Feeling good! I am really happy for joining this AMA. I hope you guys feeling good too

Mert: We’re so excited to host you today and we really want to hear about your Project.

Bugy: Sure, thanks for having us.

Mert: Our community knows some parts already, but today we will get to the details, also there is whitelist rewards for the best questions. So, Lets start with our first question, What is Snowman++ ?

Bugy: Snowman++ is an NFT Project where users can customize their own NFTs and participate DAOs. As you know, all other NFT projects’ NFTs are randomly generated. So, the NFT you’ll get will be decided just by luck. In Snowman++, you can choose accessories for your snowman without any limitations!

Mert: Wow ! Customization feature is the best, can’t wait to mint my Snowman

Bugy: Yeah, it is a unique feature we are bringing to NFT space

Mert: Can you explain a little more about the minting process? How will the users customize their Snowman? Also, how is rarity determined if the users are creating NFTs?

Bugy: Let me show you a video about how will minting& customization be…

Rarity determination of NFTs is one of the most exciting parts about Snowman++! As I said, accessory selections are all up to you! So, the users will determine the rarities of accessories and NFTs.

Let me explain this to you with an example: If matrix glasses are picked 100 times and harry potter glasses are picked 400 times. In that case, matrix glasses become automatically rarer than potter glasses! So you need to guess other users’ choices well to create a rare snowman! If you can find the less-used accessories, your Snowman will be rarer!

Mert: Even minting process will be so much fun ! I remember you mentioned DAOs in your first answer and I’m really curious about it. Can you give information about them?

Bugy: yup, We added DAOs to our project for the sustainability of Snowman++. In other projects, there are royalties which reflects to the NFT holder’s specific percentage of each sale. In Snowman++, we have a different kind of royalties. Instead of reflecting specific % of each sale to NFT holders, we are reflecting it to another wallet which is named community wallet. The Snowman++ DAO will determine what will happen to the AVAXs collected in that wallet.

Also, the team will send 225 AVAXs to community wallet too. In addition to Snowman++ DAO, we have few more DAOs you can be part of by choosing the related accessory about them. This DAOs are about Chikn, Heroes of NFT, Traderjoe and Pangolin. For example, for each Chikn accessory selected we will transfer 0.2 avax to another wallet. With that Avaxs, Chikn NFTs will be bought for community and SnowChikn DAO will determine whether we sell the Chikns or feed them or sell the feeds to buy more Chikns.

Mert: That’s impressive, community activity is the most important thing on NFT ecosystem. It’s much more than just owning a digital art. I can’t wait to join your community ! Let’s get to our last question in this part. Many people from Yetiswap and Snowman community are here right now and I believe they are curious about our partnership. What are the details of this partnership ? Can you give information about this to both of our communities ?

Bugy: We are so happy to partner with Yeti! To celebrate that partnership, we gave whitelist spots to all Yetiswap NFT stakers. Additionally, we added lovely Yeti to our collection! For each yeti friend selected, 0.2 avax worth of $YTS will be bought, and giveaway will be done between the users who pick Yeti friend.

Mert: Now I know what to choose when I mint my own Snowman :)

Thanks for your answers, first part of our event ends here. Now it’s time for the second part! In this part, chat will be opened and our community will ask their questions to you.

Community Q1: is there gonna be raffle or giveaway for lucky minters?

Bugy: We don’t have anything like that because they’ll already get the rarest NFTs of our collection. But we have 10 legendary Snowmen which have their own concept.

Community Q2: Do you have a roadmap? When will your testnet end and the mainnet minting start?

Bugy: Yeah we have a roadmap. We want to develop different projects on Snowman++. so we are here to stay :) you can see details of our roadmap from here

Our testnet is live at Avax fuji c-chain. You can experience our minting process right now:

we are planning to launch early february btw

Community Q3: Thanks for clear explanations. I would like to ask about security of project? Also, one more questions teams funds will be locked or not?

Bugy: We are doing our controls and working with expert developers about our security. We don’t have token, so there will not be any lockings. But I’d like to say we are giving away our nearly 50% of our earnings to our Project

Community Q4: Do you think any usecase for your collections? For example passive earning etc.?

Bugy: We have DAOs for passive incomes. The community’s choices will determine how much will they gain from our series. It is kinda challenging and we believe that whole DAO system would be fun J

Community Q5: When you started this project and how much time you spend for this project?

Bugy: Actually that customizable NFT concept was in our mind for like 7 8 months. It took us a while to act, and we are developing our project for 3–4 months.

Mert: Thanks to everyone who participated in our AMA today ! Our event has been finished. Of course you can keep talking about the Snowman NFT and ask questions :)

Bugy: thank you all for your participation! It was my pleasure doing AMA with you.