Kaira Network AMA Recap

Kaira Network AMA Recap

Date: 22 January 2022
Guest: Kaira Network (Avalanche) |Mesut Gülecen(Project Lead)
Host: Greg (Yeti Swap CM)
Venue: Yeti Swap Global TG
Format: Text

This recap has been lightly edited for length.

Greg: Hello and welcome, pleasure to have you with us today, Mesut Gülecen

Mesut Gülecen: Hi all,

Greg: Could you describe briefly what Kaira Network is about?

Mesut Gülecen: Kaira Network is the first decentralized social network for NFT communities, allowing users to create content and interact without censorship and middlemen. We want to give a use case to every NFT collection, and a fair creator economy model to content creators and NFT holders.

Greg: How does Kaira work?

Mesut: The platform is a kind of like Reddit + Twitter + Discord. Users can earn KAIRA tokens by creating content with their NFT avatars. Avatar will work as a social identity/account on the platform. That’s means when you post, when you like some content on the platform, or when you follow some user, all social actions will be linked with your NFT avatar. So, when you want to sell it on Kaira, you will sell your social account with your whole social history and followers. They just need to connect with their MetaMask account chose one of NFT on their wallet as a social identity and start to socialize.

Greg: Why did you choose Avalanche as the first platform for your project? Do you have any plans to connect to a different chain in the near future?

Mesut: Avalanche is the best option for building a social network because of TPS, low fees, subnet and innovative consensus. We choose Avalanche because we believe it’s the future.

But we are a platform for all NFTs, so that’s why we have a cross-chain implementation plan for other blockchain networks in our roadmap. We want to bring every NFT holder to Avalanche!

Greg: Could you let us know more about the Kaira Network token earning mechanism/features?

Mesut: Sure, there are two main ways to earn tokens on the platform

Greg: Will we be anonymous while creating content on Kaira Network?

Mesut: Yes, we will! Users will use the name of the NFT they choose to create content anonymously on the platform. For example, when you choose one of Kaira NFT as your account on Kaira Network, you will see an ID name like “Kaira #1734”, this will be your username. But users can purchase “Social Badges” from our marketplace to use different nicknames. Like when you buy the “Margin Killer” social badge your name will see Margin Killer Kaira #1734 on the platform.

Greg: When is the platform launching?

Mesut: We are planning to launch it in Feb on Avalanche Testnet. After Feb, users will be able to use their NFT on our platform to socialize and earn tokens with the power of Web 3.0 :)

Many many thanks Yeti Gang! It was an amazing AMA. If you have anymore questions feel free to join our community and ask

Telegram: http://t.me/kairanetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KairaNetwork

Website: https://www.kaira.network/



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