An interview with ATOM(artist of the month) February

4 min readFeb 15, 2022


Hey Yeti Gang ! We have talked with our February 2022 ATOM Tuba Aslan, and learned exciting things about her art and life for you.

1. Hi Tuba, congrats on becoming our ATOM For Feb, how do you feel? How is life for you right now?

Thank you very much, actually, I was very happy to see in my Twitter

notifications that I was chosen as February’s ATOM. Besides that, the

works I have created are appreciated by other people, of course,

honored me as well as any artist.

Right now, of course, life is a little cautious and on edge due to the

pandemic. I try to make the best use of the moment I’m in.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story up to today?

My name is Tuba ASLAN, Turkey-based artist. I received my BFA

(Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Painting from Turkey where I was born and


The nature of my work varies but mostly involves acrylic and large

canvases of both abstract expressive and non-figurative pieces.

I am a self-taught/self-teaching one…Subject matter often comes from

places of my imagination or memory or both. I am currently working on

ideas around random intersections we all have in life. People meet,

come across, socialize and communicate randomly through their routine

life as my colors and strokes.

This idea ties in with my ‘Intersection in Life Routine’ series.

Besides that, I aim to bring a different “color” and “breath” to the

universe where art and artist are isolated from everyday life and

transformed into a black-white-gray “heap”.

3. How did you get into art and painting?

I started painting in childhood, reveal the works of art by shaping the

color and harmony in my life with the forms and compositions of my own

imaginary world.

I think I’ve always known that art is really the only thing I’m really any

good at, or can do best. It’s really the only thing I feel real self-belief

about. I was always drawing and writing when I was younger. I gravitated

towards painting as a way of exploring mood and atmosphere.

4 Is there any piece you are particularly proud of? What inspired you to make it?

Of course, like every artist, I have works that I have deep feelings while

creating and that I am proud of after completing them.

When I was creating this work, I was concentrated and thought on the

meaning of life and destiny.

5. How do you see the NFT world developing, how do

you want to be part of it?

In my point of view, NFT ecosystem is very important and valuable,

especially in terms of revealing the originality of artists and providing this

in a transparent way. This is a very important issue also for me as a real-

time artist.

Apparently, I think that the NFT ecosystem will continue to grow and

become a part of life in the near future in terms of providing this

originality not only for art but also for many platforms and sectors.

I will definitely be a part of this ecosystem in terms of my individuality.

6. Any big goals for 2022?

The answer to this question is actually not that easy for me, but I can say

that my biggest dream for the current year is to start a new collection,

especially in the field of expressive abstract art, and to exhibit it in a


7. And finally beach or mountains? (and why)

I like that question We artists may be commonly known as the

-mountain-, but I definitely call myself -beach-. Because I am an

extrovert and I love communicating with people and doing group

activities. Loneliness is not my style.

Once again, thank you very much for choosing me as the ATOM of

February, and I would also like to express my gratitude to you for this


May the art be with you!!

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