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Hello YetiGang, here is the report of what YetiSwap did last week.

Crew3 Community Event Started & Continues

Hurry up YetiGang! The last days of the Crew3 event, which is currently running from 10.05 to 17.05. Before the event ends, you can complete different tasks and rise to the top of the leaderboard. 5 winners at the top of the leaderboard will win prizes in the range of 8500 $YTS — 3000 $YTS.

AMA Event With Mad Veggies

We just succesfully hosted an AMA with Mad Veggies. YetiGang asked questions and Mad Veggies answered.

Mad Veggies AMA Rewards

Among many questions, the lucky YetiGang members who asked the best 3 questions won the Mad Veggies NFT’s. Here you can find out if you won.

Verification of @Funnelheads on Yeti Swap Marketplace

We verified Funnelheads on our market place.



Yeti Swap ATOM and Verified Artists

As Yeti Swap, we all care about art, so we build a structure that evaluates, protects and promotes the artists with community power. Every artist can create his/her profile and share their artwork on Yeti Swap.

Create your profile link:

Every month, our community choose between the best art collections and decide which artist will be the ATOM(artist of the month). After these efforts, the ATOM is entitled to be the verified artist of Yeti Swap. He/She has the support of Yeti Swap so, both the artists and the users can buy/sell NFT’s trustfully.